High school Advice For Anyone!!!!

So who all out there has been to a point in high school to where you feel like you lost everybody you feel close to in school? Not a good feeling, for the past few weeks I Thought something was kinda amiss when all of the friends I had ended up leaving me for a stupid bitch that thinks she is all that. I never knew that my old friends would do this because I knew them since I was a kid. Here’s a tip if they leave you because somebody is saying shit behind your back then they were huge idiots and need their brains checked. All of you guys out there are amazing in your own ways. Be yourself and if people don’t like the real you then tell them Fuck off! You bitches aren’t worth my time. Find something you can express about that you love not who they love! If people are bullying you at school then I want you to stand up for yourself and not let them get the best of you it is not worth anyone’s time. Believe me been there done that but also remember if the problem is physical or to a point to where you want to end it all because of the person, get help seek out an adult tell friends or a sibling or family or just a person you really trust. You matter and if you end it all right there then what would you have left to stand for, what would your family or friends think that they could not do anything and it would be awful. I am going to leave you all to a secret that I have had a few years back I tried to end it all and I felt like if I stayed here anymore things would get worse and I couldn’t grip anything except Kill me now and then my brother found out what was happening and he told my dad and then I got the help I needed and got diagnosed with persistent depression and all though I still have problems they do not bother me anymore and you find out that you made the right now. If you ever need help then just feel free to talk to me I will always be here for you and you always have other people that care about you. Do not be afraid to talk to talk to someone it’s a good idea but always speak up please do it before anything bad happens to you we love you and nothing bad should ever happen to you guys.

Well my amazing readers I have to for now but I will publish everyday be sure to check          

-Chaela Fern Brimberry-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!